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Teke House-TKE Theta Epsilon Chapter Car Smash HSC Campus 1966-67

This wonderful historic photo of a Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Epsilon Chapter event which is most probably a pledge class organized car smash for charitable purposes as part of their community project   in 1966 to 1967 timeframe on campus at Humboldt State College right across the street from the Teke House on Laurel in the very center of the college campus.   This picture is one of many historic pictures included in the recently published book on Humboldt State University entitled,  "HUMBOLDT STATE UNIVERSITY" By Katy M. Tahja, HSC Class of '70, Arcadia Publishing, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, 2010. This book is available through the Humboldt State University Bookstore or directly from the Arcadia Publishing online.

The Tekes would like to thank the author, Katy Tahja and her publisher, PJ Norlander, Director of Marketing, Arcadia Publishing for allowing us  to post this picture with our detail additions along with a image of the book on our web page.

This photo is from page 63 of the book  shown below.  From left to right  a. first two people unknown   b. Tom Patmore in TKE Jacket  c. Doug Lane hitting the car  d. Unknown  e. Ted Sanders  f. Unknown  g.  Unknown  h. Milt Iskra

i. Dick Hanley  j. Fred Nave  k. Doug Peterson,  l. Unknown  m. Gary Crooks  N. Steve Quiggle  o. Brian Konnersman  p Larry Bobica (non-Teke, but good friend of many of us    q. Gary Phillips  r. Pat Crooks in TKE Jacket  t. Unknown  u. Unknown  v. Glynn Gregory............All Fraters of TKE  Theta Epsilon Chapter and students at Humboldt State College, Arcata, California