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Chad Hazemon Widmer Scroll #358 Our Jellyfish guy at Monterey Bay Aquarium is in the news once again.......Links below


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Fraters:  Mark Cameron just e-mailed me that Dick died today, January 12th 2013.   Mark learned of his death from Dick's sister Judy.  In the mid-sixties no one worked harder for the fraternity than Dick.  Mark and I remember a lifetime of fun times with Dick.  Yours-in-the-bond,  Lowell. No. 110, PP

Frater Thomas M. Groarke Scroll #172  Passes Tuesday December 22, 2015 in Yankee Gap, California

Frater Dick Giacolini Passes January 12, 2013

Captain Bill Vance USN-Ret Scroll #158 Passed away in Virigina Beach, Virginia on August 9, 2011

Sam Brewer Scroll #186- The Bunny Hutch-Passes Away Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 in Fernley, Nevada

Ralph DH Satterberg-Rufus-Scroll #272 Passes Away June 8, 2010

David "Crazy Dave" Naylor Scroll #194 Passes Away January 16, 2011

William "Bill" Briody Scroll #56 Passes Away January 23, 2011

Theta Epsilon Event Reports

Bay Area Tekes Luncheon November 2009

Marino's Club History and Fire 2001   North Coast Journal Weekly Article by Judy Hodgson &Bob Doran July 2001

5th Annual Lagnaf October, 1996               HSU Mid-Winter Meeting February 2005

6th Annual Lagnaf October, 1997               HSU Mid-Winter Meeting March 2009

7th Annual Lagnaf Octboer, 1998                    HSU Mid-Winter Meeting March 2010

8th Annual Lagnaf October, 1999                

9th Annual Lagnaf October, 2000

10th Annual Lagnaf October, 2001

11th Annual Lagnaf October, 2002

12th Annual Lagnaf October, 2003

13th Annual Lagnaf October, 2004

14th Annual Lagnaf October, 2005

15th Annual Lagnaf October, 2006

16th Annual Lagnaf October, 2007

17th Annual Lagnaf October, 2008

18th Annual Lagnaf October, 2009

19th Annual Lagnaf October, 2010

20th Annual Lagnaf October ,2011

21st Annual Lagnaf October 2012

Frater Richie Howe Passing 2005

Zeke The Teke